Reference Checks

How many times have you hired someone based on their references? Is your hiring contingent on a completed check? How much time have you spent chasing down references?

Standard reference checks can be tedious.  Reference checks of the future will be different – the onus will be taken off the Employer and placed on the Candidate.  Fortunately, the future is here, our HR/IR Toolbox provides a detailed online reference check assessment that is initiated by the candidate seeking the job. Our reference check process provide a comprehensive overview of a candidate’s skillset and competencies as they relate to a given job opening. Statements are based on a 7pt scale that References can answer via an online link your candidate sends to their references email directly.

Sample questions:

  1. Group members look to the candidate for guidance
  2. Candidate copes effectively with stress
  3. Would you rehire this candidate?

Obtain Comprehensive Data About Your Next Hire

Once a minimum of 3 references respond (typically takes 2-4 days) a report is automatically compiled and emailed to the employer. Each Reference’s identity is protected –  and, you receive an honest assessment of the person you are serious about hiring.   The hiring and development of employees require financing, and it is wise to find the right people with the best fit for your organization.  Let us help you get off on the right foot with reliable reference checks. 

HR/IR consultations are also available if you need a sounding board to discuss the assessments results.  Any job you need filled…we can help. Need more information? Download a full sample report by clicking here to see how much information you can have at your finger tips...

For all inquiries please reach out to us at toolboxsupport@hrir.net


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